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Training in Logistics, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene



Since its inception the website has had a universal vocation. Its creator Tim Berners-Lee put it well:

The power of the World Wide Web is its universality. A key aspect is access for all, regardless of their disability.

According to Wikipedia:

Web accessibility, it indicates the ability to access the Web and its contents by all persons, regardless of disabilities (physical, intellectual or technical) to report.

Ultimately, the goal of the Web Accessibility is to provide "universal" access to information.

The pages of this site comply with this idea and are based on the separation of content and representation as the most accessible form of creating web pages. We also respect the web standards proposed by the W3C, a set of technologies aimed at benefiting as many users as possible.

Thus, all our pages meet the checkpoints of priority 1 and 2 (AA level) as defined in the specification of Content Accessibility Guidelines on the Web by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

However, we realize that this does not guarantee easy access to all our content. Therefore, we invite you to send us your comments and suggestions through our contact page.

Hotkeys (Accesskey)

For people who prefer or need to navigate with the keyboard, have been assigned shortcut keys to the main navigation options. More on Accesskeys in Wipidedia.

Their use will depend on the browser and operating system used:

  • INTERNET EXPLORER: Alt + Hotkey + Enter
  • MOZILLA FIREFOX: Alt+ Shift + Hotkey
  • GOOGLE CHROME: Alt + Hotkey
  • OPERA: Shift + Esc + Hotkey

Shortcut keys are:

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