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Training in Logistics, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Commitment and vision

Two smiling African children next to a dry hole

In FLASH, we believe in:

  • The commitment to the quality of assistance and training.
  • Training oriented towards goals and outcomes, and not only towards activities.
  • Practical technical training, focused and oriented towards the people..
  • An active participation of the beneficiaries in the design and implementation of the interventions.

We commit ourselves to:

  • Work to find the efficiency and effectiveness of the interventions.
  • Having absolute and exclusive devotion in our work.
  • The possibility to offer new and different points of view.
  • Searching ways of using appropriate technologies and their transfer to the beneficiary population.

Our intervention is based on:

  • Extensive experience in disaster situations, emergency and development.
  • A specialized and technical training that seeks to optimize the investment of the actors in order to maximize impact and ensure results.
  • The efficient use of local resources and knowledge.
  • The design of local, participatory and accepted interventions, with local inspiration.
  • A team that shares its strengths and experiences.

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