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Training in Logistics, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Tailor made Courses for NGOs

Training FLASH With FLASH you have the possibility of designing tailor made instruction sessions.

Each FLASH course consists of several modules or components, which are arranged in a logical and pedagogical order. Each module is like a building brick. You can use these modules, remove them or combine them and build a different course according to your needs.

  • We offer the chance to create, combine and designing tailor made courses according to the needs of an organization. This system allows you to combine and modify our course modules and add or combine your proper existing modules with the objective of creating a course adapted to your needs.
  • FLASH offers facilitation and moderation for existing technical modules of the organization itself, but also the organization and design of complete courses including the accommodation of the participants in the FLASH training centres in Barcelona or Madrid.
  • Thanks to the experience, training and professional involvement of the FLASH team, we can offer a comprehensive advice in the design and development of courses and workshops in our areas of competence.

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