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Training in Logistics, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Our Team

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FLASH is composed by a group of professional relief workers and experienced trainers, impassioned by quality in the areas of Logistics, Public Health and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

  • Technicians in water and sanitation
  • Logisticians
  • Professionals in construction
  • Specialists in transport and vehicles
  • Specialists in communication techniques
  • Specialists in evaluation
  • Technicians in public health
  • Teachers, psychologists and specialists in Human Resources
  • Nurses specialized in hospital hygiene
  • Technicians in pharmacy management

Andreas Schiffer

Director of the consultancy and training enterprise FLASH..

More than 20 years experience in the sectors of emergency respond, assessment, evaluations, coordination and management of Water, Hygiene and Sanitation programs in relief and humanitarian aid. Worked also as Watsan Coordinator, Logistics coordinator, Logistician, Consultant and in research for Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders (Spain, Dutch section), Action against Hunger and Intermon Oxfam. As certified vocational trainer (1994 Germany) developed since 2006 the consultancy and training enterprise FLASH where he organizes and implements workshops and courses for technical specialisation in the Logistic, Water, Hygiene and Sanitation sector.

Professional experience in development and humanitarian aid in Nicaragua, Western Sahara, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Guatemala, Belize, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Georgia, Colombia, Palestine, Sudan, Kenya, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Yemen, Guinea Bissau, Zimbabwe.

Nathalie Isouard

Nurse, graduated in Tropical Medicine. Specialized in hospital hygiene, immunization, pharmacy management and medical logistic..

More than 20 years experience in humanitarian contexts in relief and emergency programs, in conflict contexts, refugee camps, rural area and vaccination campaigns for international agencies (Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without borders French, Belgium, Dutch and Spain sections). During 7 years, she worked as technical adviser for medical logistics, immunization, hospital hygiene related issues in the Medical Department of Doctors Without Borders-Spain headquarter. Consultant for Doctors Without Borders-International in the sectors of hospital hygiene, sterilization, personal protective equipment and pharmacy management.

Consultant for World Health Organization(WHO) in the sectors of hygiene and prevention of airborne diseases. She has published a technical guideline on Infection Control in Health Care Settings for Doctors Without Borders. Wide experience as trainer in several courses of the University of Barcelona and Doctors Without Borders. Since 2007, she collaborates as trainer with the enterprise FLASH in workshops and courses for technical specialization in the Logistic, Water, Hygiene and Sanitation sectors.

Professional experience in development and humanitarian aid in Sudan, Angola, Mozambique, Peru, Panama, Nicaragua, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Kenya, Ecuador, Mauritania, Dem. Rep. of Congo, Liberia, Ivory Cost, Colombia, Bolivia, India.

Carlos Requena

He started his way in the world of international cooperation and humanitarian relive in 1990 and worked sins then combining his experiences of field and HQ works in MSF (Spain) in the departments of logistics and finances or in Clowns without borders and others NGO linked to social works in Barcelona.

Before he entered in the humanitarian work he developed his profession as electrician/ refrigerator technician for more than 20 years. His professional experience in humanitarian relieve and development he developed in countries like Angola, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Sahara Occidental, Turkey, Georgia, Kosovo, Albania, Syria; Lebanon, Palestine, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. He worked in the specialisations of cold chain, rehabilitation and construction of health facilities, management, responsible for security management, exploratory missions, evaluations and human recourse coordination and management. In Head Quarters he established and coordinated operations and projects related con the great lake crisis in 1994, Somalia, Mauritania, Guinea equatorial, Haiti, Colombia and Mexico.

Sins 2008 and actually he is director of Clowns without Borders in Barcelona and collaborate with FLASH in the field of power supply, energy, and maintenance and mission management in the FLASH courses.

José Antonio Martín Marcos

Alter an initial period of professional activities in the economical sector (banking) and in vocational training as teacher in economical and financing maters, Jose initiated his way in the sector of international development and humanitarian relieve work, counting in this sector with more than 13 years of experience.

Alter 5 years in Guatemala and Colombia as Project coordinator with different NGO (Doctors Without Borders, Medicos del Mundo, PTM) he developed the task as general director of Clowns without Borders Spain (Payasos sin Fronteras) in Barcelona. Sins 5 years he is working in the Human resources Department of MSF headquarter in Barcelona, where he implemented his knowledge in different positions and being their actually responsible for recruitment, selection and development of the technical profiles as logisticians and Watsan.

He is licensed in business administration of enterprises and have a post degree in humanitarian relieve and Human resource managment.

Teresa Guilarte

Her experience in the international cooperation and development sector started in 1996 and sins than she is working permanently in this ambient with different tasks and positions. After some years in the field, she settled down in Barcelona where she worked in the headquarters of Medicos sin Fronteras Spain and Intermón Oxfam where she is actually director of Human Resources in emergency relieve.

Licensed in psychology and specialised in Human Resources Management, she realised technical missions for team building and training and HRM training in countries like Colombia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Honduras, Palestine, Morocco, Mozambique and Afghanistan.

Amalur Martín

Amalur studied and worked several years’ industrial mechanics in Hamburg, Germany.

Since 1997, she collaborates with Doctors without Borders as logistician and field coordinator in regular projects and emergencies settings in the areas of cholera, water and sanitation, vector control, nutrition and vaccination. Since 2009, she supports logistics training courses of FLASH, mainly in issues of cold chain and mass vaccination, where she has specialized in the last years.

Amalur has professional experience in development and humanitarian aid in the Saharawi Refugee Camps (Tindouf), Peru, Georgia, Mexico, Honduras, Kenya, Tanzania, Bolivia, Sudan, Guinea Bissau, Zambia, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe.

Fabio Fussi

Geologist, specialized in water/sanitation programmes and use of Geographic Information Systems and field mapping techniques.

He started his interests for international cooperation programmes during his study in Geology at the university in Milan, followed by a postgraduate in groundwater and a master course in water resources surveys at ITC (Institute for Aerospace Surveys and Earth Sciences) in Enschede – Holland, where he specialized in techniques of field mapping and geographic information systems for surveys and management of water resources. He has 15 years of experience in international cooperation programmes, mainly in the field of water and sanitation (emergency, post emergency and development), as well as disaster risk management, food security and environment. He worked as technician of water/sanitation and mapping/analysis of geographic data with GIS, program coordinator, expert for project design and evaluation. He has worked with Oxfam GB, Intermon Oxfam (as he was regional humanitarian coordinator for East and Southern Africa), MSF-Spain, UNICEF, Water Resources Authority of Argentina and several smaller NGO.

He has worked in Latin America (Ecuador, Argentina, Nicaragua), Africa (Ethiopia, Chad, Burkina Faso, Mali, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Angola, Mozambique) and Asia (Pakistan and Palestine), participating on humanitarian, development and institutional support programmes.

He has given course in different masters concerning international cooperation (Venice, Milan, Madrid, Seville), mainly in the aspects of techniques of field data collection, mapping and GIS for assessment, monitoring and evaluation of cooperation programmes (in particular water/sanitation and risk management). He has also given modules in introductory courses for NGO volunteers and he has worked as science teacher for different periods after 2001 in secondary school in Milan.

Noelia Martín

After 12 years working as a commercial in big enterprises of the computer industry, she left the world of the keyboards to introduce her commercial experience in the family business of her sister and brother-in-law, a specialized shop of Latin American hammock in Barcelona where she works since 2010.

Her near relationship with the world of cooperation and humanitarian aid comes from her sister and many of her friends, which are working with Doctors Without Borders or other NGO.

In her time as commercial in the computer business, she lived in several European countries as France and Ireland. Since she was installed in Barcelona, she collaborates with FLASH in the works of internal logistics for the courses where she is in charge of transport tasks, and catering in the events in Barcelona and Madrid.

Leire López Delgado

She collaborates since 2008 with FLASH working in trainings and courses, technical assistances and evaluations. She has 15 years’ experience in international cooperation, and currently works as an independent consultant providing services for technical assistance, training and evaluation.

Leire has a degree in Social Science with a focus on Political Science, and postgraduate qualifications in Budgets, Poverty and Gender; International Development; and Evaluation. She has worked in Brazil, as Gender Budget and Governance Regional Program Officer, and in Peru, as Focal Point for UNIFEM (UN Women). She has been international staff in Chile in a local development program and she has worked in departments of projects and international cooperation in different international NGOs.

Carlos Sarmiento

Carlos has a degree as MSCE Master of Science in Civil Engineering (roads, canals, ports). He is designing, implementing and supervising since more than 7 years water and sanitation projects in Spain. He works in the area of cooperation since 2007 and initiated his experiences in this sector in Honduras in social projects. Since then he has collaborated on several projects of water and sanitation: Honduras (2009-2010), Senegal (2011), Tanzania (2012) and Guinea Conakry (2013), with various organizations in collaboration with the “Canal Voluntarios” (Voluntary group of professionals, working in the public Water supply enterprise of Madrid), where he is member. In the training sector, he gives lectures in the University course “Expert on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in International Cooperation of the University of Alcala”, in the course of Human Settlements of the ICHAB, in the summer course in Water and Sanitation in Cooperation of the University of Alcala, in several courses of “Canal Voluntarios” and in the Hydraulic Module of the course E-WASH of FLASH.

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