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Training in Logistics, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene


It shows the various objects that make up the kit used in the courses

FLASH came about as a result from the experience of professionals in the fields of humanitarian aid and cooperation that identified the need for adequate training.

  • "Good quality training should be done by professionals."
  • There is a shortage of specialized technical training in the field of cooperation and humanitarian aid, in Spain and in other countries such as Latin America.
  • FLASH intends to do hands on and practical training, with the use of technical materials, student participation and with adapted exercises.
  • The courses of FLASH can be given in Spanish and/or English.
  • FLASH can provide external support to trainers in NGOs to strengthen the quality, design and content of technical training modules.
  • There is a need to optimize the efforts of institutional training and coordination among the different actors in technical training.
  • There is a real need to train more human resources that are specialized.

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